Dead Crow and the Spirit Engine



Dead Crow and the Spirit Engine answers the call for a “new mythology” by making use of Crow archetypes found the world over to create a unique new character, Dead Crow. In humanity’s oldest known epic poem, the Epic of Gilgamesh, a raven, not a dove, is sent out from the ark during the Great Flood in search of dry land. Raven or Crow has since become an iconic figure in world literature, occurring in nearly all cultures. It’s appropriate that Dead Crow would appear now, during a pandemic. Dead Crow feeds off both the culture and the collective consciousness to seek meaning wherever it may be found.

Dead Crow is an exile, sent to Earth early in prehistory as a Watcher to report back to The Makers, a mysterious godlike race. Exile is the price he must pay for misusing his powers in his own realm. Having a virtually unlimited lifespan, Dead Crow also gets the long view of human history, and this is his memoir. If the problem with people is that they forget their history and have to learn the same lessons over and over again, Dead Crow has no such handicap.

Dead Crow and the Spirit Engine, Chameleonfire Editions 2020, 82 pages, large format edition (8”X10”), lavishly illustrated with original photographs and printed on high-quality coated paper stock. $20 plus $5 shipping. ISBN#978-0-9952401-4-8

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