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First release - "Summer of Fire"

SUMMER OF FIRE - Sean Arthur Joyce

Summer of Fire Part 1 is excerpted from a four-poem sequence in Blue Communion, a collection of poetry by Sean Arthur Joyce published by Ekstasis Editions, Victoria, BC in 2023. This poem was originally written in 2003, the first major wildfire season in British Columbia in the 21st century. Harmonica by Jordan Cliff. 

Performed at the Langham Theatre in the Langham Cultural Centre, Kaslo BC Canada, September 15, 2023. 

Recorded by Sandhill Studios ( 

Ekstasis Editions releases Joyce’s new book Blue Communion

North Carolina poet Nickole Brown has said that our first gods were animals. These “wild gods,” as she calls them, were part of every known aboriginal belief system, helping keep people in balance with the planet. Ekstasis Editions of Victoria has just released Blue Communion, Sean Arthur Joyce’s sixth collection of poetry and his 11th book overall. The “wild gods” of nature are at the heart of these poems—an attempt to bridge the gap between humans and our wild cousins, to see the world through their eyes.

Roger Lewis, Professor Emeritus of English Literature, Acadia University, writes of Joyce’s poetry: “Joyce has already distinguished himself as a poet of great range, brilliant technique and musical qualities. His poetry is always striking, structured and memorable.”

Blue Communion takes a hard look at humanity and our impact on the creatures with whom we share this planet. The poet’s natural starting point is empathy, imagining the post-climate change world from the perspective not only of bears, hummingbirds, crows and sparrows, but of our less glamorous cousins in nature such as insects. He celebrates the visionaries among us that keep beauty and hope alive—the poets, musicians and other creators—while keeping a vigilant eye on civilization’s corrupt charlatans.   


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Words from the Dead:

Relevant Readings in the Covid Age

Joyce’s method in this book of essays is to analyze the Covid Age through great works of literature, poetry and history, using them as a lens through which to focus critical thinking. Art is far more than mere entertainment, or some enjoyable but unnecessary frill. Even popular culture such as songs and movies—to the extent it relies on the great themes of art—can be a source of deep meaning. History itself began from the storytelling impulse, the basis of narrative. Essays are simply a more direct way of critically addressing the stories we tell each other in a culture. And it’s clear that now more than ever, the narratives we hear in the media are in need of challenging.


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Book Launch at Eldorado in New Denver, BC

Diary of a Pandemic Year

When COVID-19 struck the world and turned it upside down, poet Sean Arthur Joyce decided to record his impressions during the year in a series of linked poems—a kind of poetic ‘diary.’ Joyce chose to base the poems on actual events, both personal and on the world stage, since the first lockdown in March 2020.  For more information, click here.

Learn more in my Blog post Joyce Launches New Poetry Video

VIDEO - "The Day After Covid"

The Dead Crow & Dawn Crow Dialogues

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The Dead Crow & dawn Crow Dialogues

“I won’t tell you who or what we found 

in eons of wandering, only

that the energy of souls is rare. So rare,

the only appropriate response

is awe...”

—“Dawn Crow: Mission”

 from Dead Crow & the Spirit Engine, Sean Arthur Joyce

Imagine a creature tens of thousands of years old, exiled to a prehistoric Earth for a sin of hubris, the only one of his kind. Unable to get back home. Unable to reproduce. No one of his kind to talk to. Now imagine how he might feel if suddenly, inexplicably, from across the universe, his female counterpart arrives in his life. Imagine the questions he’d have: Where have you been all my life? What’s it like out there in that galaxy I once knew so long ago? Are you here to stay?

The Dead Crow & Dawn Crow Dialogues are a central part of the book-length mythic poem, Dead Crow & the Spirit Engine by poet Sean Arthur Joyce. The work of more than ten years of research into world mythology, the book explores the Trickster trope in one of its many global manifestations—Crow. And not just any Crow, but one with attitude. A Watcher of human affairs with more questions than answers. A soul seeking meaning and transcendence, as we all are, especially during times of chaos and upheaval.

These poems are the result of a lifetime of poetic craft and a decade of drafts and revisions, resulting in a highly polished yet naturalistic dialogue that is equal parts poetry, cosmology, philosophy, and history. Joyce is firmly of the Socratic school of philosophical enquiry: Socrates believed questions held more power for us than answers, since they hone our capacity to think and thus to gain insight beyond mere surface appearances. The Dead Crow & Dawn Crow Dialogues are thus part of this tradition of enquiry as well a worthy entry in the canon of world mythology and poetry.

Audio actors: Dead Crow: Sean Arthur Joyce

Dawn Crow: Nadine Stefan

Recording and mastering: Noel Fudge, Sandhill Studios

©2020 Chameleonfire Editions


Join Sean Arthur Joyce at the Eye on Saskatchewan Screen Week & Expo online film festival broadcasting from Regina August 23-29. Joyce will screen the Dead Crow: Prologue performance video from 2018 followed by an interview with author Tom Wayman about Joyce's new book, Dead Crow & the Spirit Engine

Dr. Roger C. Lewis is Professor of English Literature (Emeritus) at Acadia University, Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada.   Read the full review on Dead Crow and the Spirit Engine here.


Art offers personalized coaching and editing for your work!  With over 30 years of experience as a freelance journalist, editor, poet, photographer and author, Art's attention to detail will help you refine your work and make your book or story be the best it can be.  Art offers personalized commentary on manuscripts and will work with you and your vision.

Reviews and Testimonials

What others have said:

“Art Joyce, a gifted writer and editor, significantly influenced me as a novice writer. This gentle man became my first mentor, encouraging me to revise, expand and elevate the writing of deeply personal stories. Art’s editorial feedback was consistently clear, respectful and insightful. Without his initial guidance my stories would likely have remained limited in number, depth and scope. I am proud to acknowledge his contributions to my success in developing my manuscript, Warrior Angel.”

—Susan Dunnigan

Art graciously agreed to meet with me last July 2020 to discuss my aspirations towards writing. Art freely offered his time that day to inform me of the skills, time, and dedication required to reach my goals.  He gave me a list of books to read, exercises to do, and tips on writing.  I came away from our meeting empowered and greatly encouraged to begin my writing adventure.  In the ensuing months, Art has continued to support and advise me.  His critiques on my writing have helped me to improve and develop a deeper underlying meaning to my stories.  I can't say enough about this very intelligent and knowledgeable man.  I entrusted myself to Art's caring guidance and I am now living an unfulfilled desire I had for myself in my early 20's!  Thank you Art.

- Jane Perley 

Diana Morita Cole, author of Sideways: Memoir of a Misfit, wrote: “Your insights and grasp of literature are inspiring. And you employ the Socratic method with such ease. You have the spiritual qualities of a sensei, Art. I use the term sparingly and with great appreciation of the brilliant work you do. What makes you so effective is the amount of care you bring to the classroom. You care whether people learn.”

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